How to deal with weight gain from medication

The slim body is deemed acceptable in the celebrity culture to the point if someone gained few pounds like Selena Gomez she is fat shamed. She is not what I consider fat at all. Shouldn’t people care that she is healthy rather than how she looks? 

Lots of medications can cause weight gain just like what happened with Selena. I remember few years ago when I started my medication I gained weight despite the fact that I was eating healthy food. I talked to my doctor about it then he changed medication to another brand, but still losing that extra weight became hard, because still most mental health meds cause weight gain as a side effect. 

I had to learn how to eat again and work harder at the gym. It is unfair that people like me have to work harder to keep a slim body, not everybody understands that, but I had to accept it. Now I eat so little that everyone around me keeps pointing it out to me. I got tired of trying to explain that my body has changed and I have to be extra careful of what I eat, and how much I should eat. I don’t starve myself I just eat what my body needs for energy and sustainability and that’s it. 

Some of us can’t enjoy dessert everyday, because we have to be skinny all the time which doesn’t make sense. The body goes through changes and it’s okay that you change in size from now and then. Our most concern should be always to be healthy in mind and body. It is so sad that the first thing that people comment on is how we look rather than how we feel.

If I stop taking my meds I will look skinny, but my mental health will be in danger, and if I take them I will be good, but I will struggle with my weight. At this point balancing between the two which is the body and mind becomes tricky. Others need to know that some of us work harder to find balance.

Some of us lose that balance a little bit, but the good thing is that you can find ways to gain it back. It is important to have the right mindset when you try to have balance. To force yourself to be skinny because it is how others want to see about you is never a good reason to start with. Also, never compare yourself to other body types.

You are who you are, which is your age, genetics, and how your body functions. There are a lot of things about you that control how you look from the outside and the inside. You just need to learn how to treat yourself in a healthy way, and learning takes time and can also take a team. You don’t have to search for balance in your life by yourself. There are lots of experts that can help you. Don’t be afraid to ask someone else to help you when you lose balance.

Being skinny doesn’t mean your balanced. Your body is composed of many things not just fat and bones. Take care of your body it is a gift from God. Give your body what you need whether it is food, vitamins, strength, or love. Be careful of the body trends and embrace who you are. Don’t listen to useless comments on how you look. Just stay healthy.

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