Ways that can help spark your inspiration again

For the dreamers we are constantly waiting for a wish to come true. Sometimes it feels like we are stuck in the boring present while we do so. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a good surprise or a miracle.

The past two days have been lacking so much inspiration for me. I was feeling tired, lazy and withdrawn. I forced myself to hit the gym in the morning believing that some movement could help me with gaining back my energy. Long story short, it didn’t help much, but at least I’m not sitting around doing nothing. After that I went back home and I didn’t do what I could describe as productive. I wasted the whole day scrolling on my phone and watching Netflix.

The whole time I was waiting for a brilliant idea to pop in my head. Most of us when we lack inspiration we go to social media. We try to find people doing something with their lives so we can copy them. Someone please tells me I’m not the only one who does that. 

This was an absolute waste of time. The type of people I found were not as inspiring as I was hoping for. Everyone is flexing whether their wealth or popularity, which does no benefit for me. The content is just visually entertaining holding no real value. I found myself wishing that I have the wealth and opportunities they have, but a lot of times their wealth is fake.

I’m not someone who waits for things to happen magically. I believe that it takes action to get to what you want. When I was younger, I was a big dreamer and it felt good, but because nothing was happening or changing, I started to believe in action. That belief killed my dreams and my inspiration with it.

I find myself now searching for the formula of happiness. I’m not unhappy don’t get me wrong. I just feel like something is missing, like passion and creativity. Everywhere I look nowadays I find that no one is being creative. Everyone is copying each other depending on how much profit they can make in the shortest time.

After I quit my last job, which I enjoyed but gave me unnecessary stress. I’m starting now to look for ways to do something that I actually enjoy more. I’m not someone who would do anything for money. I’m always in the search for something meaningful. I don’t believe in working in an office for long hours. The world outside the office has more to offer. 

I realize now that I left my job because it depressed me a lot. So, I started a journey to embrace mindfulness. Perhaps that will do something good for me. I made sure on the daily basis I take care of my health, which suffered a lot in the past years, so maybe then when I feel like I’m doing better mentally I will figure out what’s the next thing for me.

Till today I don’t know what should I do with my life, but so far it’s going on the right track, so I’m being hopeful. You might be like me, not knowing what to do next. The world is not offering you enough inspiration. You need to take a moment to clear your mind of the pressure you’re giving yourself. Nothing is going to go bad if you slow down a little bit. After all, you don’t start being creative by obsessing about deadlines, you just need to remind yourself about your goal, and why you started to do what you’re doing now. Look for what you want in different places than you usually do, because you will never do something different if you are staying in one place.

If I keep scrolling through social media and avoiding the outside world, that will never change anything in my life. I realized that after doing it for a whole day. This screen you are limiting yourself with will keep you stuck, so you need to get yourself to experience more in the real world. Socialize, make new friends, and talk to new people. They will help you move forward. 

I understand you’re avoiding doing that because there is a risk in meeting new people, which is true. Of course, you have to be carful while doing that because some people are just frauds, liars, and scammers that are an absolute waste of your time. Be aware of those who present fake opportunities to you, and invest your time with honest people. They could show you a whole new world for you. They can also help you calm down, and relax when you talk to them.

Sometimes we make the mistake of isolating ourselves in one room thinking that this time we spend alone will inspire us. By doing that you’re just making it worse for yourself. Maybe you are lacking inspiration because you’re doing the same things everyday. You’re going to the same places, you’re meeting the same people, or repeating the same experiences everyday. Following one routine all the time can kill your creativity too.

Maybe you should take a vacation and travel somewhere new to you. Traveling have inspired many people in the past, whether locally or internationally. Learning something new could help you too. It’s not wasteful to invest your time taking new courses. Even now it’s easy to take an online course. You can also read a book that can teach you new skills.

There is something good about starting doing things that are different to you that can help with sparking new ideas in your mind. The world is limitless, so don’t give up. It’s okay to have few days that you don’t feel like your being yourself. It happens to all of us, and when it does it’s a challenge, and what challenges us can help us grow more and be stronger or smarter.

When I lose my inspiration, I don’t feel sad. Instead, I take it as a chance to get outside of my comfort zone. It sounds intimidating, but trust me it’s not. You just have to change your mindset about what you can and cannot do. Try it from now and then, cause it’s worth trying, and don’t forget that when you feel like you are lacking inspiration, it’s just a phase and it will pass, and you can overcome that challenge by accepting the challenge and choosing to enjoy playing in this challenge. So, go ahead, use my tips, and thank me later.

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